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Spay Neuter Cats

Humanity For Cats

Proud to be an innovating group that supports and helps develop no kill solutions for cats and other animals.

Subgroup under PAWS for SJACS

Spay Neuter Cats..........the only solution

Spay Neuter Cats Adoptable Kittens & Cats Trap Neuter Return

You can help reduce the euthanasia rate for cats by spaying and neutering cats. Your own cat, a friends cat, a stray cat, and feral cats. Silicon Valley has millions of homeless cats and only about a couple of dozen regularly active rescue people. Until the public steps up and helps the cat population will continue to grow and innocent kittens and cats will be euthanized at local shelters. Please Help!

Low Cost Spay and Neuter for Santa Clara County residents
Feral and friendly cats

Low Cost Spay and Neuter in the San Jose, Ca area
Feral and friendly cats

Cat Resource Center Helping with cat issues in the community, keeping cat volunteers and organizations connected in Silicon Valley

How to turn 1 cat into 53 cats in 16 nothing